Safety Rules


This is a HOT RANGE all weapons are presumed loaded and must not be handled except on the firing line or in the designated loading area.

For your safety eye and hearing protection are to be worn at all time while anyone is shooting.

Loading of weapons may only be done in the designated loading area. The ONLY exception is the loading of a magazine into a holstered weapon.

Cross draw holsters may be used. However; the shooter must observe the "90 Degree" rule. That is that the muzzle must never be pointed more than 90 degrees from an imaginary line running directly down range. Failure to do so will DISQUALIFY YOU from the match.

Shoulder holsters are prohibited!

All drawn weapons must be pointed down range at all times. while running through the course of fire and while on the firing line. Should a target be passed; DO NOT turn or go back to it. This target is a miss, but turning or going back will DISQUALIFY YOU from the match.

Weapons such a magazine fed Rifles or Subguns will ONLY be loaded with a magazine on the firing line. Shotguns and other types of weapons that are not magazine fed will ONLY be loaded in the designated loading area.

Non TASC members participating in the match will only be allowed at shoots accompanied by a sponsoring member. It is the sponsoring members responsibility to ensure the their guest(s) receive a formal safety briefing from a club officer and to personally guide them through the match.

Non TASC members wishing to observe only are welcome, but sponsors are responsible for them just as if they were participating in the match.

This club is for the enjoyment of each member, but the safety of all members overrides personnel fun. We must all act responsibly. Everyone shooting in a match is expected and required to assist in setting up, and tearing down, setting steel, patching targets, and cleaning up. This makes it possible for all of us to enjoy the shooting.