* The match director has the final authority on all matters of scoring and safety.

* All steel targets are scored by hits. Hits are determined by sound and / or visually.

* Knock down targets must be off the stand and / or on the ground.

* The rule of seven; sufficient hits to total seven. All paper targets are scored as shown below. The stage designer may make exceptions
as explained during the stage briefing.

* Targets not properly set prior to the buzzer will be counted as a hit, or the stage will be reshot. Match director will determine.

* Penalties:

All penalties are time added to stage time

Procedural = 5 seconds per occurrence

Miss steel target = 5 seconds per miss

Knock down left up = 5 seconds per target

Less than "7" = 5 seconds per target

Hostage hits = 10 seconds per hostage (any no shoot target)


An accidental discharge, within five feet of the shooter / timer or other unsafe acts will result in your disqualification from the match.